1. Discussion of the Scope and Vision

To start our discussion, please fill out the form below with information such as the approximate size and subject matter you are looking for. We can then discuss your ideas in more detail with a phone call.

2. Subject Matter & Reference Imagery

Commissions can be floral, still life, landscape, or architectural subjects and will be painted in a similar style to my originals. I typically work from reference photos when painting. You can either provide your own photo with good lighting and contrast, or a photoshoot can be arranged to collect imagery for the project. In this case, I will provide a selection of compositions for you to choose from. A good reference photo sets the stage for a painting that reflects the beauty of your vision.

3. Quote

After our discussion of the scope, reference imagery, and photography required for the project, I will provide you with a quote. Shipping and custom framing are not included but can be quoted if required. Pricing of commissions reflects the additional time and care spent on collaborating to create a one-of-a-kind painting that reflects your vision.

4. Contract

After the quote and reference imagery is agreed on, we sign a contract outlining the project, timeline, investment and payment schedule.

5. Payment & Policies

A 50% non-refundable deposit is due before starting the project with the remaining 50% due at completion. Your feedback and collaboration is encouraged during the process, but keep in mind that after the composition and reference imagery have been agreed on, major changes cannot be made due to the nature of the watercolour process. Also consider that although a commission is custom made, the artist will continue to hold the copyright. This means that the painting cannot be reproduced without permission. I may choose to create prints or art cards and feature the painting on my website and social media.

6. Painting Process

Depending on the scope of the project, the process usually takes 2-6 months from start to completion. You can choose to have progress photos sent periodically. I will consult with you throughout the project to a make sure I have captured your vision. A photo will be sent upon completion and pick up or shipping can be arranged. The final result is a unique piece of art that tells your personal story and fits beautifully in your home.

Inquire about a Commission

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    I look forward to discussing your vision!