Tea Rose


Original varnished watercolour 20″ x 24″ (framed)

Original watercolour on arches 300lb paper permanently mounted on 3/4″ wood panel. The surface is fully sealed with archival varnish. The deckled edges of the watercolour paper are exposed and the sides of the panel are finished in white. The painting is float framed with a silver and white custom frame. The outside dimensions of the frame are 21.5″ x 25.5″.

Tea Rose creates a balance between contemporary life and memories from the past. Items inherited from my grandmother’s collection remind me of a woman who loved treasure hunting in antique shops and found beauty in simple objects. For me, the painting evokes feelings of nostalgia for the careful presentation and ritual of the past, coupled with the beauty of sundrenched elegance, where objects and flowers create an interplay of light, shadow and reflection.

Tea Rose was featured in the 2020 Federation of Canadian Artist’s Retro Exhibition.

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Original varnished watercolour 20″ x 24″ (framed)